What kind of videos on YouTube go viral very quickly?

 What kind of videos on YouTube go viral very quickly?

What kind of videos on YouTube go viral very quickly?
What kind of videos on YouTube go viral very quickly?

There are different types of videos on YouTube that can go viral, but some types of videos tend to go viral very quickly, and these are:

Creator videos: 

Creator videos are typically created by YouTube influencers or content creators. These videos are usually highly engaging and entertaining, and they can go viral quickly because they have a loyal following that shares the videos with their friends and family.

Trending topic videos: 

Videos that are related to trending topics on social media or current events tend to go viral very quickly. These videos can be news reports, commentary, or opinion pieces that offer a unique perspective on a popular topic.

How-to and tutorial videos: 

How-to and tutorial videos are highly shareable and can go viral very quickly because they provide value to viewers. These videos are typically educational and informative, and they can help people solve problems or learn new skills.

Funny and entertaining videos: 

Videos that are funny or entertaining can go viral very quickly because people love to share things that make them laugh or feel good. These videos can be skits, parodies, or other types of humorous content.

Emotional videos: 

Videos that evoke strong emotions like happiness, sadness, or inspiration can also go viral very quickly. These videos can be heartwarming stories, inspiring speeches, or moving performances. When people feel a strong emotional connection to a video, they are more likely to share it with others.

Most searched keywords on YouTube in Bangladesh

As an AI language model, I don't have access to real-time data on the most searched keywords on YouTube in Bangladesh. However, based on recent trends and search behavior patterns, some of the most searched keywords on YouTube in Bangladesh could be:

Music videos: 

Bangladeshis love music, and YouTube is a popular platform to find and listen to new and old songs.

Drama serials: 

Drama serials or TV series are very popular in Bangladesh, and many people search for them on YouTube to watch their favorite episodes or catch up on missed episodes.


With the growing popularity of YouTube as a news source, people are increasingly turning to the platform for the latest news updates.

Cooking videos: 

Bengali cuisine is rich and diverse, and many people search for cooking videos on YouTube to learn new recipes or cooking techniques.

Travel videos: 

With the pandemic restrictions easing, people are looking for travel ideas and inspiration. YouTube is a great platform for travel vlogs and destination guides.

Tutorial videos: 

Bangladesh has a large young population, and many are interested in learning new skills. Tutorial videos on various topics like graphic design, programming, or photography are popular on YouTube.

It's important to note that search trends can vary over time and can also be influenced by current events and popular culture.

What type of video do people watch more?

People watch different types of videos on YouTube depending on their interests and preferences. However, some types of videos are generally more popular than others. Here are some of the types of videos that people watch on YouTube:

Entertainment videos: 

People love to be entertained, and YouTube offers a wide range of entertainment videos such as comedy skits, music videos, short films, and web series.

How-to and tutorial videos: YouTube is also a popular platform for learning new things. People watch how-to and tutorial videos to learn new skills or solve problems in areas such as cooking, makeup, DIY projects, and technology.

Product Reviews: 

Before making a purchase, people often search for product reviews on YouTube to get an idea of the product's quality, performance, and value for money.


Vlogs or video blogs are popular on YouTube as they offer a glimpse into people's daily lives, travels, and experiences. Many viewers find vlogs relatable and entertaining.

Gaming videos: 

Gaming videos have a massive audience on YouTube. Gamers create videos of their gameplay, walkthroughs, and reviews of video games, and viewers watch these videos to learn new strategies or simply for entertainment.

News and current events: 

Many people turn to YouTube for news and current events updates as they offer a diverse range of perspectives from various news outlets and citizen journalists.

Overall, people watch videos on YouTube to be entertained, informed, or educated. The most popular videos on the platform are usually those that provide value to the viewer in some way, whether it's through humor, knowledge, or inspiration.

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